About Me

Hi! I’m Rachael.

Almost 6 years ago, I wrote my final post or my blog Take It With You When You Go, a blog that highlighted my year-long experience in rural Malaysia. This blog allowed readers a glimpse into my life overseas in 2012. To wrap up my year-long adventure, one of my final post was about returning back to the States and finding adventure in my own backyard.

The last six years back state side surely have been an adventure. Yet, somewhere between starting “normal,” “adult,” life with a career, a paycheck, student loans, bills and a social life, I blinked. I realized that six years had flown by and my thirtieth birthday beckons.
I have blazed a career for myself, moved across country, built a community and gotten married, among so many other big and small milestones. Yet, somehow all that did not make it into written words.
Instead, I’ve spent the last several years trying to finish an original, nonfiction novel based on that big adventure of 2012; I’ve attended hours of workshops as well as weekend seminars. I’ve spoken to coaches and experts; All in search of being able to say, “It’s done.” I have been so focused on trying to perfectly capture that adventure from six years ago in a book, that I had not let new thoughts, ideas and lessons come alive in the form of new posts and pages.
Expat life, fame and overwhelming talent are not requirements for carving out your own little corner of the universe. In fact, you do not need permission from anything or anyone. Today my journey is just as big as it was in 2012; even if today I have the privilege to speak my own language and live more comfortably.
Life is a collection of big and small moments. Each day is a journey and it’s a collection of these small journeys that forges the biggest adventure of all; life!